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I Made This

Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you gotta learn how to build a garage. In January 2017, we had a breezy day with 100mph winds. This was a problem for the 60ft spruce growing through the center of our shed.

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We promised a baby in December. Life had different plans, and our baby came a whole trimester early. Cooper was born on September 18th at 14⅞ inches and 1lb 13oz. The circumstances around Carly and ...

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Cabo Anniversary

For our five-year anniversary, we were thinking of laying low and taking a short trip up to the mountains to relax for a few days. Somehow we settled on a beach vacation to Mexico.

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Ice Fishing

When my mom said she was building an ice fishing house, I knew I'd need to come up and help break it in. I don't fish, but I'm always up for a new experience. We made a plan for my visit to Lake of the Woods in northern Minnesota near the end of the season.

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Cubs win the World Series!!!

Growing up in central Illinois, I was born into Cubs fandom. I eventually lost interest in baseball up until meeting Carly, who is also a lifelong Cubs fan. Our Summers from then on would always be spent with a Cubs cornerstone.

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Custom Keyboard Build

I'm often surprised by the strange interests that people take on and then take way too far. Over time I've fallen victim to just that with computer keyboards. With my latest, I built a custom keyboard tailored specifically to me.

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East Coast Vacation

For our 4th wedding anniversary, Carly and I went for an East coast tour by train from Boston to New York to Philly to DC. Here's a recap of some of the more notable parts of our trip.

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Birthdays in Chicago

For my Mom and sister’s shared birthday, they made plans to meet up in Chicago for a Cubs game. Mom had this idea to get a picture of Christy at the game where we sneak up and photobomb the shot. Our presence would be revealed only after Mom showed the photo.

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The Hunt for Bigfoot

Our dear friend moved to Washington last year, giving us a reason to come to Washington. So we packed up and made the trip with just a few small goals in mind: 1) Escape this Spring Colorado rain 2) Eat some fresh seafood 3) Find that damned Sasquatch

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Record Store Day

For the past 8 years, there's been an annual Record Store Day. Its purpose is to celebrate independent record stores by providing very limited releases of vinyl records. Some are albums never printed before. Some are re-releases on pretty picture discs..

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Easter Staycation

We have a tradition of Easter Brunch at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, but after a disappointing 2014 brunch, we decided to try out the Broadmoor. A friend gave us a good deal on a cottage, so we packed up the dog and met up with the Teeters family..

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Childhood Photos

Most of my childhood photos were lost in a flood, but my Aunt Lisa had a handful and sent these my way last year. They range from when I was a toddler up until I graduated from college. Enjoy my transition from cute kid to weird teenager.

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I'm Back!

After a few years of hiatus, I'm bringing back my blog. I lost my last website from a hack with my old hosting company. I pulled all of the old posts and set up this site and just sat on it.
I've reformatted it with a focus on adding photo galleries.
I probably won't revisit my old-style blog posts. I think some are funny. Most not so much. In either case, they're almost all still available.
Enjoy. I hope to be adding some stuff here real soon. ♡ Matt

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