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The Hunt for Bigfoot

Posted on May 28th, 2015 Filed under Galleries, Trips

Our dear friend moved to Washington last year, giving us a reason to come to Washington.  So we packed up and made the trip with just a few small goals in mind:

  1. Escape this Spring Colorado rain (we’ll probably be suffering an extreme drought again when I come back to read this)
  2. Eat some fresh seafood
  3. Find that damned Sasquatch

And of course, mostly just to chill with our friend.  Let’s call her Cat to protect her identity.

We started the day with a sensible breakfast from Crockett’s in Puyallup.  I swear that’s an easy name to pronounce: [krok-its]

We then went to Seattle for the typical tourist experience.

We ran into “the gum store in the secret alley”.  I didn’t know this existed.  I have to admit, it smelled pretty good for being so disgusting.  I thought Carly’s hair was getting dangerously close to any surface in the alley, but no peanut butter jars were needed.  Next we move along to the Seattle Center area.

So we’re walking along and it suddenly smells like Colorado.  Turns out it came from this.  I’m used to seeing pot stores as frequent as 7-11s, but this is a first.  Book yours at

Cat asked where we should go next.  A stranger said Fremont.  So we hiked an extra 3 miles to see what that was about.  We could have taken a Lyft, but I like seeing a town on foot.

I don’t know why, but the next photo is really funny to me.  We were doing this thing where we would incorporate the background into the foreground on photos, so for example one photo makes it look like Carly and Cat are holding a totem pole.  Here’s another where I’m picking up the Space Needle.  In this one, Carly lined up to pinch the top of the Space Needle.  This is how it turned out.

Finally crossing the fresh seafood off the list.  This was my first chance to ever have sushi outside of a landlocked state.  The texture was a lot better than what I’m used to, and flavors a bit more delicate.  The roll in the middle was especially good with complex layered flavors from earthy to citrus.  Before I forget, note to self: this was at Umi Sake House.

Fremont was cool.  It’s an area I could see myself living in.  Zillow has housing prices that say otherwise though.

We ended the night in Tacoma, first going to an arcade bar – not even my idea – where I landed the high score on Q*Bert, and I saw my first Burger Time machine since about 1990.

Our last stop was pretty chill.  Service ended on a bad note, and we left without paying.  They comped it; we didn’t dine ‘n’ dash.

The last thing on the list to do was to find that damned sasquatch.  We went to Rattlesnake Lake expecting him there.  This was a fun hike.  It was almost surreal walking most of the way through fog.  And at the top, we were just in the middle of a cloud.  There was no view, but it was pretty neat nonetheless.

I’m not saying I found bigfoot, but that’s clearly bigfoot in the top left above.  Goal #3: CHECK

Here’s our path along the trail.  I didn’t realize until now that the view we couldn’t see from the top was of the lake we passed at the bottom.

The rest was just hanging out.  It was a great weekend trip and much thanks to Cat for being so hospitable and keeping us entertained.

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