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Movie Review: This Is It

From the moment I first saw Michael Jackson on that fateful episode of Silver Spoons where he showed up at the diner and got mobbed by all the patrons, I was instantly curious of the popularity of thi...

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Movie Review: Where the Wild Things Are

Carly and I have been looking forward to this movie ever since we saw the trailer before Inglorious Basterds. Carly has fond memories of the book; I don't remember the book so well, but just wanted to...

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Lunch Review

After writing that one review on, I realized that I had finally found my calling. They always say to do what you love, so I took the plunge. I quit my job, moved to Colorado and set ...

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Review: National Sunday Law

Written by A. Jan Marcussen AT Publications / 2006 / 70 pages Some months ago, I found a book on my doorstep when I came home from work. I thought to myself, “If someone is going to go out of their...

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Review: Nong Shim Shrimp Crackers

Last Saturday night I stayed home with an upset stomach. At one-something in the morning, Christy and Hayden and Dave and Adam Mistretta came through the door, woke me up and greeted me with some Budw...

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Review: Death Bed: The Bed that Eats

Directed by George Barry USA / 1977 / 80 minutes I like bad movies. To me, they're like a bad joke. I always laugh at a bad joke not because it's funny, but because of the context. In short, I laugh ...

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Review: New and Improved Recycling Magnet

As you walk through the grocery store, you sometimes see "New and Improved" across such packaging as laundry detergent or breakfast cereal. Is it really necessary to improve on these already tried and...

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Review: Brass Monkey

Very few mixed drinks involve beer. There's the Hooter Shooter with beer, Tabasco and an oyster. There's the aptly named Red Beer involving a mix of V-8, and then there's the infamous Brass Monkey. Th...

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Review: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

The Sierra Nevadas are best known for the mountains, lakes and giganto-effing trees. Now all of this can be found in alcoholic beverage form. I have been evaluating this beer since I found the first g...

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