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Review: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Posted on June 27th, 2007 Filed under Beer, Reviews

The Sierra Nevadas are best known for the mountains, lakes and giganto-effing trees. Now all of this can be found in alcoholic beverage form. I have been evaluating this beer since I found the first green labeled bottle in my roommate’s fridge in 2002. It was a relationship that would prove to withstand the test of changing tastes and countless newcomers.. referring to the beer, not the roommate. On to the review…

Appearance: Poured out a deep copper/amber color with a tan, foamy, three-finger head. It left thick rings of lace.

Smell: It smelled of grass, grains and malt.

Taste: It had a nice hoppy/grassy quality. It also has a good bready roasted malt taste.

Mouthfeel: It was crisp and sharp. A medium-bodied beer.

Drinkability: This is a very good APA. It almost has the hop power of an IPA. Great malt flavor, too.

Overall, this is a great beer for many occasions, from late nights at work to mid-day barbecues to the beer you drink on the way to work in the morning. You must be careful if you want to remain sober. This beer is notorious for hitting me after just one or two easy-flowing bottles.

With all this said, the down side of the Sierra Nevada is that it gives horrible leg-hangovers. After 5 beers and a full night of sleep, you WILL have stiff, sore, and a constant dull pain in the legs.

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