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I Went to the Ophthaddfkjasdjologist..

Posted on December 17th, 2008 Filed under Life

I made an appointment to get my eyes checked out. They say I have an astigmatism. My eyeball went out of shape and it makes my vision blurry in my left eye. It looks like I’ll be needing that monocle after all. I think it all sounds fishy, though. A few weeks ago, they called me Eagle-Eye Sadowski. Now my left eye is at 20/40 vision. That means that I have to be standing at 20 feet away from something you can read at 40 feet away. That’s especially upsetting because I took great pride in having better vision than you.

Now I think this may be a case of easy-come, easy-go. I’ll wait to see if it fixes itself before I go getting some glasses… er monocle. Outside of the astigmatism, doctor says my eyeball looks all healthy up in there.

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