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August Goals

Posted on August 1st, 2007 Filed under Plans

It’s a new month, and rather than continuing with my same day-in day-out routine, I figured I’d mix it up with a new goal to adhere to for the next 30 days.

I vow on this 1st day of August until the 1st day of September, that I will not smoke, shoot or otherwise ingest any crack cocaine. I talked to my sister about it. She agrees that I can and will be able to hold to this goal. I believe it to be somewhat easier for me than others that attempt the same goal.

First off, I have a very high patience level. I can play through the pain, so to speak. Also, I am not addicted to crack. I have never done crack or had any desire to. I have not had any previous predispositions to crack via friends or family. I also have no contacts that I could use to obtain crack cocaine.

Still, I can’t get arrogant about the ease of obtaining this goal. Hubris is the downfall of man. I must take this day-by-day, and on September 1st, I will throw the biggest crack party you’ve ever been to.

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