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My Summer Vacation to Colorado

Posted on August 1st, 2007 Filed under Trips

I bought that plane ticket to Colorado for the wrong day, and dangit, that wasn’t going to stop me from using it. I flew in last Thursday, and then got back some four days later. It was largely an uneventful trip.

Oriana and I played hot or cold backwards.. where hot meant getting further away. I ate a delicious steak. I colored a picture of a mouse holding corn. I “sang” Brass Monkey in karaoke then dropped the mic all g-star style. I crashed a bicycle with BAC of .24 and ended up in the hospital. I learned that hundred dollar bills are called “hundos”. I hitchhiked and ended up riding in the back of a police car while they were blaring Li’l John. Sam and I watched a terrible movie while Allison cooked, cleaned and put away groceries. Sam won a drinking contest of vodka and Jones soda, and then drew a penis on my face while I was passed out. I drank skim milk that tasted just like 2%.

That was Colorado. My only goal of the weekend was to drink a brass monkey on Sunday morning. I couldn’t even do that because of the stupid Colorado no-sale on Sunday liquor laws.

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