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Yuck Pizza

Posted on September 12th, 2007 Filed under Food

I had some Pizza Hut pizza this morning. It tasted like pills. I still have pill taste in my mouth, and it won’t come out.

I have to admit, the Pizza Hut dynasty is officially dead. When I was a kid, Pizza Hut was the shit. No place could compare, except for maybe Godfather’s, but I only heard that second-hand. Still to this day, I’ve never eaten at Godfather’s Pizza. But what I want to know is what happened to Pizza Hut?

Some say they didn’t focus enough on delivery and rather sunk too many resources into a dying family restaurant pizza experience. Some say it was too many gimmick pizzas such as the stuffed crust, Bigfoot pizza, and the infamous Double Roll pizza. Others say the unionized delivery drivers disabled their ability to consistently compete in pricing. Before today, I would have said that it was the Book It! program that brought this chain to its knees, losing countless dollars to free pizza parties. Now, I would have to say it’s simply the taste.

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