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Havasu Falls Hiking Trip

Posted on September 7th, 2007 Filed under Galleries, Trips

Last weekend I hit up a little known edge of the Grand Canyon, known as the Havasupai Indian Reservation. They have a small town 8 miles from any roads and still receive mail via a pony express. Another couple miles past there, we set up camp near Havasu Falls, an area known for turquoise water and multiple waterfalls over 100 feet tall. I went with Chris Fong and some of his coworkers I never knew prior to the trip. It was a great time filled with fun, adventure and relaxation.

I saw American Indians. I saw Eastern Indians. I saw Indians with dreadlocks. I saw a fat guy with a lower-back tattoo. I almost saw a big horned sheep. I saw 2 dead horses on the trail. I saw frat boys climb 70 feet up a sheer wall and jump. I saw a picture of a guy that looked just like an older Chris Fong. I saw a nametag that read “Elder Fong”. I saw a lot of things on this trip.

I drank a flask full of orange flavored rum. I drank a bottle Courvoisier with apple juice. I drank a few glasses of boxed wine. I drank a bottle of Gatorade that had to have been right at 32 degrees, and it was more satisfying than you could imagine. I ran out of my liter and a half of water on the way back. I nearly ran to keep up with Gary during the last leg getting into the canyon.

I ate five roast beef sandwiches. I ate several of Alissa’s fruit snacks/energy cubes. I ate lots of other people’s food. I ate banana chips and discovered just how good dried apricot really is.

I grew a beard. I grew tired of walking in sandals that fell apart months ago. I grew gruesome fingernails that were too dirty for me to chew back down.

I learned more about Canada in 5 minutes than I had ever learned previously, including the time I searched on the Internet for 20 minutes for facts to provide here on Canada Day. I learned more about the Havasupai Indians than I had before, considering I never knew of their existence prior.

This was a trip of seeing, drinking, eating, growing and learning, and surely more that I’m missing at the moment. This was a trip going to an unknown location with unknown people with otherwise unknown expectations. It was well worth every moment from the first sight of the lush canyon we were descending into, to the last sight of the desolate canyon we ascended from. Do not hesitate if you ever have the opportunity to go.

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