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Welcome to YourMatt 2.0

Posted on January 10th, 2008 Filed under Web Spotlights

Thank you all for your continued participation in Many of you have noticed my crack party donations.. and noticed my donations were just as high as yours truly. The bad news is that I was never into drugs at all and the donations box was simply a hit counter. You guys gave me over 14,000 hits in 6 months. I appreciate that, so I built a brand new site for you.

I took the Drupal platform I was using before, but built a whole new theme from the ground up. I got rid of some stuff and cleaned up the design. I added better defined Blog and Pictures sections. I added the brand new Dear Dairy section, as well as some videos. Events and News are still here, but better optimized for less wait between pages. I also moved the site to a brand new server for even quicker page views and overall better reliability.<!–break–>

I make no promises for updates. I tried to keep up a couple articles a week. That never happened. I could probably keep up maybe a few per month. I’ll try to keep my pictures fairly current. I’ll try to keep my dairy up on a daily basis, but that won’t really happen. Be sure and bookmark the page, and hit up the RSS so that it keeps you informed of updates.

Your Matt

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