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Thanksgiving's Over: Back to Being Vegan

Posted on November 27th, 2007 Filed under Holidays, Plans

Thanksgiving is done gone but not forgotten. I like the leftovers. Some go bad, like deviled eggs, but some get better with age, like my sweet potatoes. I still have some. I’m going to keep some for 3 months and see if they get that much better.

My sister made all the food this year, except for my sweet potatoes and Sarah Lee’s pies. I didn’t think to tell her until the next day, but it was all delicious. Ryan didn’t tell her either. We’re bastards. It was just the three of us. Sam cooked for three as well, but one was on a diet and the other is vegetarian. He also made a 30 pound turkey.

Christy made a turkey, corn casserole, and.. some other stuff. She stuffed a bunch of potato skins down the drain and funked up my pipes. I kinda fixed it. I wasn’t happy about that, but it’s a small price to pay for a delicious meal. I probably would have eaten at Boston Market or the homeless shelter otherwise.

Since Thanksgiving, I played a lot of Q*Bert. I also became vegan, but I’ve been cheating.. a lot. I slept a couple full nights on my living room floor. I watered my lawn. I spent about three solid days working on computer stuff.

It was Hayden’s birthday. He’s 27 now. Over the hill. We went out last night. Steve’s girlfriend cut my hair at Casey Moore’s. I had a lot of sushi. I don’t think sushi is cool with my vegan lifestyle, but I figured fuck it. I tried Octopus again. It no longer tops my list of vile disgusting things. The last thing at the top of that list was feta cheese. I decided to try it again and now it’s my favorite food. Octopus isn’t my favorite food, but I don’t think it’s so bad. It’s more like meat taffy.

Thanksgiving. We won’t forget you. Take care. We’ll be seeing you real soon.

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