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August Goals: Success

Posted on September 5th, 2007 Filed under Plans

I did it. I was able to get through the month with absolutely no crack cocaine. As some of you may have known, my anti-crack month was really just a cover for my real anti-alcohol month. I was planning on waiting until Sam left town. We drank brass monkey, polished off a case of Schlitz, and that was it for the rest of the month.

My motivations for this were for a couple reasons:

  • I had just gotten stupid-drunk in Colorado and ended up in the hospital not knowing how I wrecked a bicycle.
  • I had gone from the beginning the year to this point with very few days of not having any alcohol, and began to suspect drinking of habit.
  • I realized it was August already. Time flew this year, and I thought that the change of pace would slow things down.

After the month was up, I had learned a few lessons from all this:

  • Avoiding getting stupid-drunk lends itself well against waking up remembering stupid things I did or said the night before.. or worse, having the feeling that I did or said stupid things the night before.
  • The habit of drinking a couple bottles of beer each night is no different from the habit of drinking a couple bottles of coke each night.
  • The perception of time is actually changed by changing up the daily routine. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks of a new routine end up making days go by just as fast all over again.

Overall, I would recommend taking a month off, for those of you that drink often. I would also recommend that you still continue going to happy hours, house parties and to bars with your friends, but just drinking the N/A drinks. Cherry Coke’s are delicious.

As for me, I’m enjoying an ice cold Miller Lite at this moment.

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