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Top 10 Awesomest Matt Sadowskis

Posted on June 16th, 2009 Filed under People

I can’t seem to go anywhere without being mistaken for some other Matt Sadowski. One time a new employee at AmazingMail recognized me from this here, but all others were completely mistaken. Checking up on these Matt Sadowskis, I was quite flattered to be mixed up with them. Here are my top 10 favorites (out of 10 that I found on the Internet).

10) Matt Sadowski (Linked-In) ➪
Clearly Bill Clinton – Get in last place Impostor Sadowski.

9) Matt Sadowsky (ClassMates) ➪
Alright, I’m not really that much of a spelling Nazi, but COME ON..

8) Matt Sadowski (Gamer) ➪
This Matt loves his video games. He’s got his favorite 21 Xbox games listed, chills out in the 360 vs. PS3 vs Wii club, and likes to take a break from all the gaming while enjoying his favorite book, Magazines, while jamming out to Korn.

7) Matt Sadowski (Tennis Player) ➪
I love that people think I can play tennis (I can’t), but that dirty fact is even thrown in my face by strangers. They’re like, “Hey are you the Matt Sadowski that lost 6-0 to Brett Hall in the Dartmouth-Newbury match of 2006.” I’m like, “No.”

6) Matt Sadowski (T.I.T. Blog) ➪
I like my blog, but the T.I.T. Blog by this Matt Sadowski kinda has me trumped. Problem is, he’s even worse at keeping it updated than I am.

5) Matt Sadowski (Snowboarder) ➪
When I was a kid, I’d take some masking tape and fashion it into a little snowboard, with little cuffs for my fingers. I could make little ramps and do all kinds of cool tricks. This Matt Sadowski does it for real.

4) Matt Sadowski (Motorcycle Racer) ➪
You thought the snowboarder was extreme. Check out this guy. He’s all doing wheelies at like a hundred. The only time I ever rode a bike, it was when I took Sam’s Buell down to get some whatachicken sandwiches and booze. I ended up dumping his bike right on its side.. in his driveway. Broke one of the beers too. Pathetic.

3) Matt Sadowski (Birdwatcher) ➪
I love birds. I’ve long held this idea that one day I too would become a birdwatcher. I figure if everyone falls into some extraordinarily lame hobby in their golden years, that would be mine. It’s pretty tough for me. I’m already totally into my classic arcade machine, reading programming books like novels, and blogging out to an audience of about zero. Somehow bird watching is lamer, yet I like it. That’s why you get #3, birdwatcher Matt Sadowski.

2) Matt Sadowski (Chef) ➪
I like to think I’m pretty good with a grill. My Sadowski-burgers are pretty good. I’m proud of the fact that I came up with this recipe where my secret ingredients are parmesan cheese and lots of parsley. This Matt Sadowski is dry-aging beef and cooking for the steakhouse inside frickin’ Disneyland. In the Culinary Sherpas Show, he presented a ribeye with a big CS carved right into the bone! That’s some attention to detail.

1) Matt Sadowski (The Effing Green Power Ranger!) ➪
It’s true, the original Green Power Ranger is a Matt Sadowski, although he goes by Matt Austin. Being associated with this caliber of celebrity is pretty amazing. Last time I used this to my advantage, I was like, “I know it’s 9:00 on Valentine’s Day. I’m effing Matt Sadowski from the Power Rangers. Can you get us in?” They made it happen, and we ended up eating like kings at Dave and Busters.

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