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Olympics, 2010

Posted on February 22nd, 2010 Filed under Sports

So here it is on Sunday night. Me and Carly and Sam went out and played some pool. I played like a rock star. We drank some fine IPA and later a wonderful amber. After that, we came home, turned on the Olympics and I picked up my carving tools and began to fill my time with short thin layers of wood shavings as I carved through my block of wood you see at the right side of this page. After more time where the dog settled down and Carly moved to the bedroom to sleep, I realized something profound. The Olympics make you care about shit you could care less about.

There were figure skaters dressed in Indian attire doing a Bollywood jig, and before them, a country routine. I would look up every minute or so to see what would happen next. I would be lying if I said I was disappointed. I find it interesting that these people dedicate their lives to do things that are amazing only when I drunkenly turn an eye to their skill. It is not just me though. I am certain a good 100 million plus others are watching, every bit as enthralled as me.

But I lie about this drunken interest alone. I have been watching a good two and a half to three hours each night since the Olympics began. I was there when Lindsey Vaun got the gold. I was there when Shaun White beat his original score with his victory lap. I was there when Apolo Ohno earned his seventh medal to earn him the most decorated Winter Olympian in history. I could generally care less about sports in general, but the Olympics get the coveted thumbs up by me. Go World.

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