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Web Spotlight: Craig's List Forums

Posted on August 16th, 2007 Filed under Web Spotlights

I’ve found where the bottom thralls of society congregate on the web. Everyone is stooping below the level of the next. It’s a 50-man bar fight where anything goes. There’s a guy in the background doing the robot. It’s absolute chaos, and it’s all happening in your back yard. Enter Craig’s List Rant & Rave forums:

Some notable excerpts from the past hour alone, include:

“We need to send the Mexicans back to Mexico, put the women back in the kitchen, and put all cats and dogs back.. outside in the fucking yard, where they belong.”

“I like my split from front to back without Deez nuts! Pink parts down below! So grab your sack with your tiny little balls and know I wont flirt with you!”

“I’m willing to give a bj but the catch is I’m an older guy who likes to wear dresses. I’m not passable. Also, I’m drunk and my place is a total mess. But I’m for real if you want to stop by for some fun right now”

“Gandhi was a homosexual. And an alcoholic on acid. Go fuck your cat. He needs the love.”

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