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Turning My Crack House into a Crack Home

Posted on October 30th, 2007 Filed under Home Improvement

Aww man.. What a month. I finished up my office. As you can tell, there’s quite a difference. I did like how I had a ball room like they have at Chuck-E-Cheese, but I hated how Christy’s cat would be rattling cans around all night long. That was annoying. I’m lying. I wish I had that many cans. There’s probably $30 worth of cans in that picture. I could recycle the hell out of them and have enough to buy a whole case of cans. But I’m now done with cans. Adam K gave me a kegerator. Out with cans; in with great big can.

My office was just normal before. It was cramped. It was kinda boring. It was very cluttered. I had an idea, and I carried it through.

This is why I haven’t been up to the updates. My computer was offline most of October. In fact, it was totally broken for a bit. In fact, all three of my computers were totally broken at different points this month, and that’s not including the two broken computers in my garage. Now all three are back up and better than ever. Corn Whiskey trivia is back on!

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